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Google Privacy Policy Is Live Today

March 1, 2012 by Jane Phelps in SEO Advice

Today is a big day for all of us who use Google in our daily Internet practices. You may remember some news flashes and likely emails way back in January about the changes Google had planned for its privacy policy. Well, today is the big day that the Google Privacy Policy is updated.

Today on March 1, Google’s new privacy policy comes into effect. We thought that it would be a good idea to take a look at this new privacy policy and explain to you how this new privacy policy will impact you.

Google being Google, it has been very upfront about the changes and has of course written a number of informative blog posts on the topic.

The Basics

But, we assume you just really want to know how this new privacy policy impacts you.

  • Before today there were more than 70 privacy policies and document for the more than 60 Google products.
  • 60 of Google’s products are now using one cohesive privacy policy.
  • Based on the new privacy policy, Google can now more easily direct content, advertisements, and other suggestions to you.
  • Google Chrome, Google Books and Google Wallet are not included in this change.

How The New Google Privacy Policy Impacts You

Really, not much has really changed. Google has always used very powerful and intelligent algorithms to tailor content to you. Think of the auto-complete, targeted ads that might appear in on your Google search page, and even suggestions to follow people or brands in Google+.

What the policy does do is allows Google to build a complete history and profile of your online habits. With this information, Google can then target specific content towards you. Google says that by doing this, you will have a better experience and will no longer be seeing irrelevant advertisements or links that really don’t suit your needs and wants.

So does this change in the privacy policy really make a difference to you? Not really. In fact it might actually make your experience better – no more junky advertisements, irrelevant auto-complete suggestions or strange Google+ suggestions. What Google is doing is really no different from what Facebook already does.

If you don’t like this new policy, you can choose to stop using Google products that require to have a Google account (this will limit some of the profile building) – such as Gmail.

To Learn More

Read what Google has to say about its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. As well there is lots of information about this online right now:


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